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Online Counselling: Real Help for Real Problems in a Virtual Space

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

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The Covid-19 pandemic will not leave our world unchanged. While many challenges still face us, important shifts in the way we function as a society are already being realized. Even in the physical isolation we are all faced with, we are finding new and

innovative ways to maintain a sense of social connection. With the anxiety, uncertainty, grief, depression and stress that many are currently facing, this has highlighted the necessity of those social connections for our mental well-being. It has also offered us the opportunity to practice noticing the best in each other and in the technology that has become so ubiquitous in our lives.

The unique challenges that come with the coronavirus pandemic and related social distancing measures has pushed many mental health providers to begin exploring creative ways to continue offering support to their clients. While telehealth services have been around in some forms for many years, these current changes we are experiencing are helping to generate a much more robust and accessible network of mental health professionals.

With the collective sense of uncertainty, the increased level of stress, anxiety, and depression, it’s more imperative than ever that people have accessible options for receiving mental health support. For us at The Therapy Place, this means offering high-quality, encrypted video or phone counselling. This means that with just a couple clicks, you can be chatting face-to-face with your therapist from the comfort of your own home. No need to download special software or be a computer expert. All you need is a computer, tablet, or mobile phone equipped with a camera. The software we use is secure and complies with the regulations set forth by the government for maintaining your privacy.

Online video counselling means increased flexibility and accessibility not only for support during the current realities of social distancing and quarantine due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It also means accessible options for the future. For some people, the struggle of leaving their home and navigating to a new place is overwhelming. Online counselling can be a great bridge to begin building a relationship with your therapist from the safety of your own home. It can also mean more flexibility for those living in remote communities or people who live with disabilities that might make it more difficult for them to engage counselling in person.

Here are a few other benefits of accessing counselling online:

  • More flexibility in your schedule. No time spent traveling to and from the office.

  • You may feel more comfortable accessing the session from the comfort of your own home. No need to adapt to the new setting of the counselling office.

  • Bad weather or other disruptions that may prevent you from getting to the office don’t mean that you have to miss your appointment.

Accessing counselling online may also benefit those who are seeking counselling for the first time. As we continue to grow more and more accustomed to interacting with other people using technology, accessing counselling online helps to continue to normalize mental health care and remove barriers for people to seek help.

We provide online individual, couples/marriage and even family counselling. Session duration ranges from 30 minutes to 80 minutes.

Get in touch to book your session by clicking here, or click here to learn more about our services.

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