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Andrew Bertram RCC
Ken Atnikov RSW
Maura Skates RSW
Allie Greer RCC

The Therapy Place Counselling Group is a growing team of dedicated, skilled, and specialized psychotherapists providing counselling services in Nanaimo and surrounding areas.  Our team is comprised of Registered Clinical Counsellors and Registered Social Workers (all with a Masters' Degree as a minimum, plus over 100 years of collective clinical experience).  We bring a broad range of skills and specific focuses of training.  With many decades of clinical practice between us, we have the experience and knowledge to help in most areas of clinical need. 

Our comfortable and confidential offices are conveniently located downtown Nanaimo, with free street parking and elevator access.

meet our counsellors

Allie Greer RCC MA BHS 

Inspired by Connection

As a Registered Clinical Counsellor, I have come to understand the many barriers’ people face in seeking help with their mental health. Whether it be difficult life circumstances or coping with persistent negative emotions, it may feel overwhelming knowing where and how to start.

Sometimes we may even want to withdraw or find other ways to cope that bring us temporary relief, but contribute to the issues at hand. It is my goal to provide a safe, non-judgemental counselling atmosphere to help you identify, understand and work through any challenges you may face. Together, we will establish treatment goals and work to heal old or current wounds. I believe each person has a unique set of needs, so I tailor my work to your individual preferences. I can help you to dissect personal issues, develop coping skills, and enhance a sense of inner strength.  

I draw on aspects from different modalities including; Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Brainspotting, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Internal Family Systems (IFS), Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), and a trauma focused, person-centered approach.

Please note that I am currently not working with couples or teens/kids below the age of 16.

Allie Greer, RCC
Psychotheapist Log
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Maura Anchor

Maura O'Keefe Skates RSW MSW

Helping you navigate through tough times

Seeking help and knowing where to start isn’t easy. In my work with clients over the last 20 years I have seen how our lives can get confusing and complicated. Sometimes we may cope in ways that help us manage or survive, but in the long run don’t get us where we hope to be. Whether it’s dealing with overwhelming emotions, relationship issues, confidence, life stress, loss or trauma - counselling is a place to start making sense of things and moving towards lasting change. I make every effort to create a safe, warm and non-judgemental space where you can explore your needs. We will work together to better understand your struggles, whether past or present (or both), and create workable goals that allow you to feel the strength, hope and healing you are looking for.


I have a Masters degree in social work and I am registered with the BC College of Social Work (RSW). I offer individual and couples therapy and have training in a variety of therapy approaches including Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness-based approaches, and Trauma therapy. I believe each person has their own way of working through challenges and I adapt my experience and skills to fit your needs. I look forward to connecting, helping you feel heard and working together toward your counselling goals!

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Andrew Bertram RCC, MA MFT

Passionate About Inspiring Others

Asking for help is an act of courage. My passion as a therapist is to honour that courage by fostering a relationship built on trust, safety and hope. Together we will create space to walk through fears, hurt, and challenges, as a way to heal and grow. My hope for you is that therapy is a place where you will encounter joy, purpose, and self-acceptance. I work with individuals and couples who may be struggling with anxiety, depression, interpersonal struggles, the impacts of trauma, low self-esteem, difficult family dynamics, grief, and other struggles.


Through study and experience, I have come to find that the conditions for change and brain growth happen best through an emotional, experiential, and relational model.

Our emotions shape who we are and how we form our memories. They inform how we perceive ourselves, others, and our world. They also fuel vitality, authenticity, resilience, and integrity - all of which we need to face life’s challenges and build healthy and full relationships. When we experience trauma, neglect, loss, and oppression, we are often faced with emotions too painful or terrifying to bear. As a result, we develop so many different ways to cope; ones that often leave us feeling isolated inside, anxious, and depressed.


There is a world of difference between thinking about and feeling our emotions. This is where “experiential” comes in. Our emotions live in our body (our nervous system) and they have a natural way of moving us towards healing, help, and wholeness. When we are numb, overwhelmed, anxious, isolated, and traumatized, we are unable to experience the safety necessary for our nervous system to fully process our emotions.

Andrew Bertram, Registered Clinical Counsellor
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This is where “relational” becomes most important. We are, in part, a product of the systems that we come from. The hurt and pain that we face in life is often a result of harmful relationships or absence of support in relationships. Having steadfast and non-judgmental support and care in the process of healing and restoration is essential.


I have a BA degree in Counselling, a MA degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, and am a Registered Clinical Counsellor with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors. I am trained in many client-centered models of therapy to help support you, including: Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy, Emotion Focused Therapy, Accelerated Resolution Therapy (Eye Movement Trauma Therapy), and Satir Transformational Systemic Therapy. When helpful I also draw from elements of Narrative Therapy, Internal Family Systems, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Ken Atnikov MSW, RSW

Experience you can Trust


As an MSW Social Worker and Clinical Counselor with over 30 year’s experience, I have the knowledge, skills and experience to help you with whatever you may be struggling with. I have been employed as a School Social Worker, Psychiatric Social Worker, Clinical Counsellor in post -secondary College, and an Employee Assistance Counselor throughout my Career. I am equally comfortable providing services to older children, adolescents and adults and have extensive experience in individual, couple and family therapy.


While I have a strong Clinical background, I maintain a focus on client wellness and self-care. My work is eclectically solution focussed, client centered, and always respectful. I draw upon my training and  experience in a variety of models including :

  • Solution Focussed  Brief Therapy

  • Structural Family Therapy

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  • Trauma Informed Therapy

  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy

  • Group therapy

  • Harm reduction and Relapse prevention

Ken Atnikov, RSW
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My clients find me to be a warm, caring and compassionate helper. I have a great sense of humour and an ability to be effective without needing to take on an expert role in my work with clients. I will offer you my opinions and ideas when solicited, share information and observations that you might be unaware of, but always work with your ideas as we construct solutions. It is this approach that is responsible for clients finding me approachable and down to earth. I believe this has always helped me connect and form truly helpful relationships that lead to change.


For the parents out there, my colleagues have always felt that I have a gift at engaging adolescents who may have been described by other as difficult, defiant or oppositional. I love working with teenagers. The more difficult the better. I have experience working with Adolescent depression, self -harming behavior, Anxiety, Trauma and Neuro-developmental disorders including Tourette’s Syndrome, (Very personal and professional experience), ADHD, OCD and PDD. My Clinical experience in the schools can be very helpful to parents have children in the school system.  


Some of the issues that clients have come to see me for include:

  • Marital issues

  • Parent -teen conflict

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Trauma

  • Self harming Behaviors

  • Body Image issues

  • Self -Regulation problems

  • Workplace issues

  • Employment and Career issues

Jodie Smith RCC MA MEd

Compassionate and Strong


If we are honest with ourselves, life is far more complex and messier than we ever imagined. Counselling is the perfect place to explore the areas in life where you have encountered hurt, disappointment or confusion. I would be delighted to walk alongside you in this counselling journey.


I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor and work from a person-centered approach, meaning that I will be present with you and we will discover counselling goals together. I believe all people are equal in value and worth. I have a strong value for empathy and validating human emotions.


On a personal note, I am a part of a family made up of my husband, daughter, and son.  If I were to envision a great weekend, it would be filled with cooking, hosting people for a meal and exploring a new place.  I also love being outdoors, especially hiking, paddling and cycling.

Jodie Smith, Registered Clinical Counsellor
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Ron Depner RCC, MC

Professional, clinical help for you and the ones you love

Originally from Edmonton, I've had the opportunity to live in a lot of places and am proud to now call Nanaimo home.  And I'm LOVING island life!  I'm married, with two beautiful baby girls.  I'm an outdoorsy guy and also a computer nerd.  ​I love music and am an accomplished cellist. 

I've always been fascinated by.... US!  -We humans are pretty interesting!  We are capable of so much creativity and generosity and beauty and kindness and love.  And we also seem constantly to get tripped up by things that stand in the way of moving forward.  This has always made me curious and eager to study and learn about how we tick and how I can help others (and myself) to tick better!   I love what I do and am passionate about sharing in my clients' journeys of growth!

Ron Depner, Registered Clinical Counsellor
Psychotheapist Log

-A designation of the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors

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Please note that Ron's caseload is currently quite full, and he only taking on new clients interested in intensive 80 minute EMDR or Couples Counselling Sessions.  If you are not yet a client but wish to book future sessions with him, please contact him by phone at 250-410-4441 or by email at 

For existing clients only, please use this link to book/change future sessions.


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